Saturday, May 07, 2005

Blogging sick, or sick of blogging?

Sick....coughing up lung tissue....sinuses dissolving, running down face.... can'

Sore throat....ack....headache...whaaaa.....

So anyway, just a quick hit and run. Everytime I swear I'm going to start be less partisan, more fair and balanced, I run across an article like this and just can't keep myself from linking to it.

Oliver North: A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

On the now-almost-famous photo of American serviceman MAJ MarK Bieger cradling a mortally wounded toddler in his arms after a car-bombing. Damn despoiling occupiers that we are, he was probably taking her home to eat her.

Ollie, always quick with praise for our troops, laments the stories of compassion and sacrifice that you seldom seem to hear on the MSM.
The love and respect this stranger in an American uniform shows for the wounded Iraqi child is evident. It is yet another example of the many -- and profound -- acts of kindness, charity, and bravery that have been displayed throughout the war by young Americans in uniform.
Unfortunately, if you are a college student or a law school student in America today, you are unlikely to know just how remarkable your peers who serve in the military are. Worse yet, your college administrators deny you the opportunity to decide for yourself whether or not you'd like to join their ranks. The Ivory Tower academic elitists in many of America's most "prestigious" colleges and universities today are waging war against the military and working to keep recruiters off of their campuses.
It's more than a shame that honorable, decent, caring, compassionate and heroic people like Major Mark Bieger and his fellow soldiers aren't welcomed on America's college campuses.
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