Wednesday, April 20, 2005

MSM Beside Itself About the Pope

Ace of Spades has a great blarticle on the MSM's frothing, slavering, chest-beating dismay at the selection of a {{shocked gasps, swooning, etc}} "fundamentalist" Pope. Holy Frickin' Shiite, the man apparently actually believes in the Canons of his own faith. Madness!

Somehow, all this nonplussedness doesn't surprise me. The act of actually taking a position, and remaining true to a foundational set of beliefs, does seem to be incomprehensible to your average progressive. "He's {{stutter, choke}} exclusionary, a reactionary throwback {{arms flail, pulling hair, gnashing of teeth}} stuck in an archaic adherence to {{drool, slobber, twitch}} Dark Age witch hunts and inquisitions. And if he doesn't embrace diversity, we'll...we'll...we'll hold our breath till we pass out!"

Bring it.

Ace says it better than I, well, okay, maybe as good as, well, okay, a close second, to what I would say, so I'll save myself the Papal Tunnel syndrome and just link to him. A good read.

As I'm not Catholic, the selection of the Pope interests me about as much as who will get voted off the island this week on "Survivor"; i.e. - I could really care less, since I don't watch Survivor, either. However, as a Christian I find it deeply affirming that the head of perhaps the single most influential Christian body on the face of the planet has, it would appear, a firm devotion to the fundamentals of holy Scripture. It will be interesting to see what he does with this stewardship over the coming years.


Lileks has another great description of why the widespread shock and dismay among the Loonie Left at the new Pope's "conservative tendencies" is a great deal of misplaced angst.

One might as well expect Betty Frieden to strap on an apron and start whippin' up cookies for the Beav's next PTA bake sale, as expect the Pope to suddenly authorize gay marriages, man-boy love, and abortions for all by holy writ.

Come on folks. I realize that you're liberals and all, but TRY and infuse a little rationality into your frenzied desk-pounding. You'd think Bush got elected over Kerry, or something...