Sunday, April 24, 2005

If this doesn't touch your heart, you don't have one.

Abortion staff ignores baby boy born alive? (

At first glance, I'd say this was some sort of urban legend, since it sounds so utterly, appallingly ridiculous on any number of levels.

I consider WorldNetDaily a pretty reputable source, although they've been taken for a ride before.

If true, it kind of puts the lie to the idea that legal abortions save women from back alley hack-jobs. This was in a supposedly "reputable" clinic, and yet it sounds like some sort of vile assembly line.

I also find it nearly incomprehensible that the staff there have so completely divorced themselves from their humanity as to treat the woman and her mass of tissue baby that way. In all fairness to objectivity, I have to consider that some of her narrative is likely colored by post-abortion remorse/guilt, and making the staff out to be heartless monsters is a way to mitigate some of your own inner angst.

Still, if even half of what she said is true...