Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Creative Taxation 101

The "public servants" in our government have stumbled on yet another way to increase the tax burden of the American People.

Reaching back to an archaic and twice repealed statute created in, wait for it, 1898 to tax phone calls, the Usurous Pussbags in the IRS (and Treasury Department) now want to begin taxing every internet connection.

So, instead of turning off the 2 Billion dollar annual payments to Israel and Egypt, instead of cutting back on the funding for the National Endowment for the ProfaneArts, instead of spending their time working to institute some sound fiscal accountability on a bureacracy run amok, this den of thieves want to stick it to Joseph Q. Tachspaeyer once again.

Come to think of it, have you every actually looked at the fine print on your phone bill? The reason it costs the better part of $45 a month just to own a land line is due to all the taxes and fees. Between that and the $0.30 a gallon you already pay in taxes on gas, one really has to wonder where the HELL all the money is going?

Considering the state of our roads, it ain't being used to fill potholes. The IRS is NOT your friend. But you knew that.

Kudos to Sen. George Allen for his efforts to squash this end-run tax hike. Hero of the Week. Shockingly, a Democrat (Sen. Ron Wyden) is backing the bill, too. Maybe there is hope for the Dems yet.

The IRS has about outlived its usefulness. Tea. Harbor. 'Nuf said.