Sunday, April 17, 2005

CBS Hiring Terrorists - Making Bombs, Making News

A snippet at the very end of a CNN article on the death of an anti-war humanitarian activist had this to say:
The U.S. military reported Saturday that a CBS News stringer detained after a gunbattle between U.S. forces and insurgents this month "tested positive for explosive residue." "Multinational forces continue to investigate potential collaboration between the stringer and terrorists, and allegations the stringer had knowledge of future terrorist attacks," said Sgt. John Franzen of Task Force Freedom in Mosul.
It seems this particular photographer somehow "just happened to be" in a perfect position to take live-action, pulitzer-winning-type photos of four different car-bomb they occurred. No tired old pictures of the aftermath for him. Real-time fireball kind of stuff.

Hmm. Funny that. Given how fast these things happen, it's is truly strange that he was already there, a safe distance away, but close enough for a great shot, with the camera aimed and focused at the precise location of the detonation. Hmmm. Or, as CNN puts it:
All had been shot in a manner that suggested the cameraman had prior knowledge of the attacks and had scouted a shooting location in sight of the target.
Oh, and as mentioned above, he had explosive residue on his hands. Hmmm.

How is it that a credentialed CBS stringer gets caught with explosives on his hands after successfully filming four separate attacks, and there is no, what's the word, OUTRAGE? Doesn't this make the whole Dan Rather/Forged Documents thing seem a tad inconsequential by comparison.

CBS uses a credentialed journalist who supports the insurgent cause against American and freedom...and then fires him after a scandal over forged documents and hires another one in Iraq.

Will wonders never cease?