Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Air America - The "People's Radio". No {snicker} really. We mean it.

Rush Limbaugh is a right-wing mouthpiece for the conservative agenda. Got it. Check. Roger.

So when Rhandi Rhodes suggests shooting the President over his Social Security plans, does that make her a "mouthpiece" for the liberal agenda?

Extremist Conservatives: Divisive and Hateful

Extremist Liberals: A voice for tolerance and understanding, except of course for the whole, "let's shoot the President" thing.

That sounds like a job for:

"You Might Be a Liberal Loonie IF:"

You think jokes about putting four rounds into the Presdient of the United States are "funny."


Well, by my earlier definition, apparently Rhandi isn't a Liberal Loonie, because she now admits her skit "wasn't funny." She's also apparently "Really SorryTM."

I guess staring down the barrel of 18 months in the pokey for communicating a threat against the President tends to dry up the dripping sarcasm a bit.

{As a caveat to this update, if ever there were a Loonie Liberal, Rhodes certainly fits the bill}.