Thursday, April 28, 2005

Abortion Rights Apparently Trump State Law

Teen's abortion dispute draws new lines in life debate

This article handily sideseteps the numerous studies which discuss the emotional trauma children this age experience by HAVING an abortion. Living every day of their life from 13 onwards with the knowledge, somewhere buried down inside, that you had a child you'll never know. The physical aspects are damaging as well. There are studies showing a convincing link between early abortions and breast and uterine cancer. And not one world, not a single syllable about the miserable son-of-a-bitch that got a 13-year old girl pregnant.

Just ramblings on and on about how preventing her from having an abortion is cruel and inhumane, "because every day is another day of emotional torment for this child...", and "It is unspeakable cruelty to force a 13-year-old to carry a pregnancy to term".

What about the unspeakable cruelty of getting a 13-yr-old pregnant? That is not only statutory rape, but borders on child abuse and peodophilia! 13-yr old is in sixth or seventh grade!

To forestall any shrill how-dare-I-tell-a-woman-what-to-do-with-her-body-rants, first off, this is not a woman. Society has determined that a child of 13 cannot drive a car, vote, or have a job other than babysitting without violating child labor laws. Children of this age cannot see certain kinds of movies, ie- PG-13 ratings.

And yet, we are to believe that they can make an informed, "adult" decision about destroying the life within them. Huh.

And this of course, is the capper of all time:

DCF spokeswoman Marilyn Munoz said a state statute prohibits the department from consenting to an abortion for a minor in state care.

But that rule cannot trump the girl's constitutional right to decide to terminate her pregnancy, according to child advocates and the girl's attorneys.

I think my head just exploded.

Soooo, once again, the, uhm "rules" (such a nasty, divisive word, isn't it?) can be set aside if we, well, feel like it? If we feel really strongly that she should get to have an abortion, then we don't need to abide by state law, right?

So, if I feel really strongly that I want to have sex with a 13-year old, then I bet a "by" on the whole statutory rape thing, right? If I feel really strongly that I want my neighbor's TV set, then I should just help myself, right?

And I just have to double-highlight this phrase:

"girl's constitutional right to decide to terminate her pregnancy"
WHICH "RIGHT" WAS THAT AGAIN? Which article is that in!?! I'm must have missed that the last 13 or 14 times I read the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. For those who are confused on this issue, THERE IS NO CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT TO ABORTION. Anywhere. In the Constitution. At all. Period.

As a final caveat, let me just add that I don't know the right answer here. I don't know the story behind how she got pregnant. I know this is not an easy situation, and abortion may seem like the only answer. But it's not.

As a ward of the state, she has access to state-funded medical care that could safely carry her through delivery. And her child could then be given up for adoption via the very same system that, uhm, "cares" for her. (This is "state care?") There are options.

And let me reiterate. Based solely on what you read in the article, WHAT THE CHILD'S "ADVOCATES" ARE TRYING TO DO IS ILLEGAL UNDER STATE LAW. Florida's parental consent law (or lack of one) does not apply in this situation, since the child is a ward of the state, and under state law, the State, as guardian, cannot authrize an abortion. Case closed. Thank you. Have a nice day.