Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Loony Leftist Wackos...er...Commentators...Ya gotta love 'em!

Maralyn Lois Polak - a name that just screams for some deeply politically incorrect gerrymandering. She's the columnist you "enjoy" reading in much the same way those wacked gothic druid wannabees "enjoy" hanging themselves from the basement ceiling by meathooks.

It's a pain so intense it gives you a headrush; and it feels so good when it's finally over.

A clearly paranoid, painfully far to the Left pseudo-editorialist who can ramble on for 14 column-inches and not actualy say anything, her missives tend to be arbitrary indictments of anything conservative, Republican, or, okay, I'll say it, rational.

Her latest dispeptic ramblings have something, I think {scrathes head in bemusement} to do with a jack-booted thugette (read: rather petite Federal Marshall) hammering on her door to dig up "some dirt" on a federal employee applying for a job.

Much ado is made about this a) blatant invasion of her fanatically held privacy, and b) some vague sense of disquiet that U.S. Marshalls are wasting their time and taxpayer's dollars, and I quote:
"...going door-to-door collecting gossip and trivia about job candidates when they could be, you should pardon the expression, pursuing more important issues like, um, the so-called War on Terror our country is, um, waging. "
Okay sweets, lemme clue you in on something: that is precisely what the aforementioned Marshall was doing.

In all likelihood, the honorable Mr. Sepulvada mentioned in your article was applying for a job requiring a Top Secret security clearance. Having had to apply for one myself, be assured that the application form has you spilling intimate personal details about yourself your mother probably doesn't even know.

And yes, oh paranoid one, as part of the background investigation, they do in fact interview family members, friends, work associates and neighbors, the names of whom you have provided as character refs.

Why? To ensure that you aren't a member of an at risk demographic for the potential compromise of classified information, you shrill harridan.

I encourage you to read her article in detail, if, that is, you're into semi-coherent blathering about the contents of her mail, the location of her office, and the ever-popular:
"wintry cabbage stew strewn with succulent chunks of something suspiciously resembling smoky meat. "
Really cuts to the crux of the matter, doesn't it?

Her parting comment? "Welcome to Police State, USA?" Well, if you call safeguarding our national security against high-risk individuals, well then yeah, I guess we have a police state. And have for the better part of 75 years.