Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Affirmative Action In Action

As an update to my post on Ann Coulter's article, I'd like to share an experience I had yesterday. I'm currently serving overseas, on a military base. They are conducting an anti-terrorism exercise here. As such, they've got hard-chargin' Marines manning the gates in pairs, with riot shotguns (presumably unloaded, as this IS just an exercise).

Anyway, as I'm heading out the gate yesterday, I look over, and one of the guards responsible for stopping runaway car-bombs or angry mobs with sticks and clubs is a grizzled, semi-tough-looking female...who is maybe 5'5", and probably a good 125 pounds max WITH her gear on. I can just imagine her throwing that shotgun into her shoulder and capping off a few rounds...in between having to stand back up after the recoil knocks her flat on her ass.

I've served with many fine and capable female Marines, some of whom I'd willingly take into combat; but putting a featherweight female behind the business end of an automatic shotgun at one of your main points of access just doesn't seem like the most rational of choices. And yet, as a member of that security force, she cannot be discriminated against, and so gets put on the duty roster with everyone else; regardless of the impact on combat effectiveness.

Another victory for feminism.