Sunday, February 06, 2005

Terrorism LIte

As I surf through the blogosphere using the "Next Blog" button, I've come across numerous ambush sites which have embeded malicious code in the Blog's HTML, with some sort of pop-up window or java script that requires a password, then won't accept one, or demands that you "Upgrade Your Internet Explorer," or any number of other annoying payloads.

Knowing what I do about computers, I'm pretty sure that clicking "OK" will likely cause something very bad to happen to my computer. So I click the "X" in the upper right corner, but even then I am held hostage by some looping code-string unti I ultimately have to "end task" using the task manager.

People that hijack websites like that are the same ones who, in high school or the frat in college, would offer you a drink of their soda, only to find out it was the can they were using for their tobacco spit, or maybe even filled with piss.

Theses are the kind of people who lay in wait on the side of the road with a supposedly broken down car until a good samaritan finally stops -- then they shoot the kind-hearted indvidual in the head and steal their car.

Ambush sites are terrorism, plain and simple. Maybe planes don't crash and burn, maybe buildings don't collapse, but the intent in the heart of the cyberterrorist is the same as any jihadist.

They may even think it's "funny", but it's just plain evil. I put them in the same category as people who write computer viruses, or send bulk email spam. They are prime candidates for a retroactive abortion.

Burn in hell, cyberterrorists, burn in hell.