Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Now who is disenfranchising voters?

5 Democrats face trialfor slashing GOP tires
Campaign staffers accused of vandalizing 25 vans to drive voters, monitors to polls

"Five Democratic campaign staffers who allegedly slashed the tires of 25 Republican get-out-the-vote vans on Election Day in Milwaukee will stand trial on felony charges.

Meanwhile, a former Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee staffer, Roger Chiang, pleaded guilty yesterday to mail fraud in the theft of $360,000 in donor checks."

If people are supposedly so hot to vote Democrat, why do you need to keep Republican's from the polls?
(thanks to WorldNetDaily for the link)

Just a normal, healthy, alternative, really.

This article (and trend) just really sends my blood-pressure through the roof.

S.D. man could have aggressive HIV strain

They questioned whether the virus is truly a lethal variety, or whether the New York patient's immune system, extensive use of methamphetamines and genetic makeup might be contributing factors to his rapidly deteriorating condition.

Health officials said the New York patient reportedly had unsafe anal sex with hundreds of partners while taking crystal methamphetamine. The drug's stimulating effect and erasure of inhibitions contribute to sex marathons that have increased the spread of HIV, they explained.

Why is that, one the one hand, we keep preaching about what a terrible scourge AIDS is, and how we need to commit umptee-gazillion dollars to fight AIDS world-wide, and yet, we do nothing about the unchecked spread of the disease in our own country? Self-destructive lifestyles are breeding ever-more virulent strains of the virus, and there are even cases of people being infected with multiple strains:

The case involved a individual whose number of HIV-infected cells suddenly shot upwards after antiviral therapies had successfully kept the patient's original HIV infection in check for nearly a year. Additional studies confirmed that the patient was infected by a second HIV strain well after the first infection.

These sorts of things only happen in one way: individuals with AIDS continuing to have sex, with OTHER people with AIDS. The attitude seems to be, hey, if I'm already infected, I'll just find a partner who had AIDS, too. Or, perhaps its just, "I don't give a damn about anybody but myself." Well, that's not even accurate. People in this demographic don't seem to give a damn about themselves, either.

Lawsuits abound which center around preventing all sorts of unsafe behavior. OSHA imposes all sort of regulations and statutes designed to "protect" people from all manner of work-related ills (real or imagined). The law requires that we wear seatbelts while in our cars and helmets while on our bikes. A jury awards thousands of dollars to a hamfisted airhead who can't multi-task and spills coffee in her lap because McDonalds filled the cup too full.

Yet we do nothing about people who engage in clearly suicidal or homocidal behavior, having sex with multiple partners after they KNOW THEY ARE HIV POSITIVE. Why are these people not in jail? Why aren't they chained to a bed in a ward of some institution somewhere in order to protect other people from this maniacal disregard for human life - theirs or others?

Because that would be discriminatory, that would be intolerant, that would be insensitive. Because homosexuals have become the Untouchables in today's ever-more "progressive" society. We can put a mother in jail and take away her kids because she took drugs while she was pregnant, but a homosexual man infects multiple people with HIV, and he's left to walk the streets. Does it not enter anyone's brain that this man is a SERIAL KILLER?

If a man was going around injecting HIV-infected blood into people's arms, he'd be arrested and locked away for life, villified as a monster. However, if a man goes around injecting HIV-infected semen into people's rectums, he's given counseling, a condom, and a new regime of taxpayer subsidized drugs.

Here's a thought: If you are HIV positive, STOP HAVING SEX. If you have AIDS, keep it in your pants. If not, you go to jail for 1st Degree murder. Case closed.