Wednesday, February 02, 2005

News from the front lines

Here's a little insight into the so-called quagmire that is Iraq, taken from an email I received from a Marine flying C-130s over there.

"Some very interesting things from this experience: The people know which parts of the country has Marines and which parts have U.S. Army. When I told one Iraqi we were taking him to Mosul and he relayed that to the rest of the passengers they got very upset. Almost a riot. They claimed that they were promised Marine security, they had no faith in the Army, and Mosul had no Marines. They were begging us to either not give them to the Army or to stay with them. We flew a U.S. and Iraqi flag side by side in the cargo bay, and many Iraqis would point to the two flags and make the hand signal for friends. One asked me why we had the two flags up, I told him that we want the U.S. and Iraq to be friends. He turned to the rest of the Iraqis and yelled something in Arabic and they all got up and started dancing and singing with delight. Another Iraqi told me that 'President Bush's gift to the Iraqi people is democracy, and U.S. Marines.' These people were all Shiites from the south, I very much doubt the Sunnis feel the same."

Ooh-rah Marines! And it kind of paints a different picture than you hear from John Kerry or Ted Kennedy, don't it?