Thursday, February 10, 2005

News Flash - All Journalist Pure as the Driven Snow...

...Except of course, James Guckert, aka Jeff Gannon (Reporter quits amid credential questions) of Talon News. The controversy rages on.

Apparently his greatest crimes, aside from falsifying credentials, were asking "pointedly conservative questions" and, perhaps worse even than that, being "linked with online domain addresses suggestive of gay pornography."

While it's doubtful anyone can defend Mr. Guckert-Gannon methods, or perhaps even his (as yet unsubstantiated) extra-curricular activities, it seems what drew everyone's attention to this individual was his penchant for asking conservatively partisan or 'soft' questions to the President. You mean {gasp!}, some reporters might have a political bias or leaning in the questions they ask? I can see how the objective Fourth Estate would be so up in arms about such a travesty.

My question is, what bearing does his web-hosting activities have on any of this? Why are his sexual predilections being brought into play? If he was known for his virulent anti-porn stances, then maybe this would play.

Or is the root of this controversy the fact that he presents himself as a conservative, makes veiled slights against liberals as having, "divorced themselves from reality," and then, lo and behold, is (allegedly) involved in some way with homosexuality. Ah, now I see the conflict.

On the one hand he condemns liberals, and then turns around and engages in morally questionable activities. A clear case of hypocrisy and self-contradiction.

Update: Thanks to the nod from Brainster's Blog! Great site, check it out.