Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Looking for a few good Gender Neutral Servicepersons

It seems a bit odd, in an ironically and darkly humorous sort of way, that the loudest and most strident critics of the military's "Don't ask Don't tell" policy on homosexuality are individuals who have never served in the military, and because of their political predilections, probably never would.

Graduate student Mitch Day said he attended the protest in part to show his disappointment in the military's discrimination against gays.

"But I'm also really here because I oppose the war in Iraq," he said.

In the article, there is an outcry against recruiting for military lawyers on a college campus, because the military policy violates the school's diversity policy (this is popping up more and more at Uni's like Yale, UC Buh-klay, and others.

These vocal tsk-tsk'ers are somehow blind to the fact that the military is a unique organization with a unique calling, and thus has very specialized requirements. The ability to proscribe or require certain activities, capabilities or character traits is essential to the good order and discipline of the military, AS DETERMINED BY the military.

Making the military a petri dish for social experiments in progressive morality and social activism is a fatal practice that weakens the core of our national defense, and directly impacts the ability of our armed forces to perform their most fundamental function - kill people and break things.