Sunday, February 13, 2005

From the "Don't Bother With A Trial" files...

Just one round to the temple, save the taxpayers a lot of money...

"When Ngai Fung Fong allegedly steered his car off a Sunnyvale road and hit a family of four out for a walk, witnesses weren't sure it wasn't some bizarre accident. When the Sunnyvale man allegedly doubled back and plowed into the family a second time, there was little doubt it was intentional, witnesses said Thursday. "
"I just couldn't believe what I saw," said Tim Warfield, 55, of Sunnyvale. "You want to give people the benefit of the doubt. But, nope. He turned around and just floored it and hit them again.
"From the "I Just Quit Defending Condi Rice" Files:

I've been hot to defend Condoleeza Rice against her strident Left-Wing critics, but if this excerpt from the World Affairs Brief is true, then it's time to rethink my position.

World Affairs Brief, Feb 11th, 2005
Sec. of State Condoleezza Rice was busy this week trying to bolster the sellout of Israel. Supposedly, "looking for fresh alternatives to get the Palestinian Arab terrorists to stop killing Israeli Jews," Rice suggested paying terrorists to go into retirement. What planet is she living on? Is there any historical precedent giving substance to this harebrained idea of rewarding terrorism? Why doesn’t she suggest we do that here in America? Does anyone think the Bush administration would be willing to pay all the prisoners at Guantanamo a pension and send them home in peace?
Apparently she is serious. The NY Times said she was going to ask the EU to provide a special pension fund for terrorists: $100 per month. I notice she doesn’t have the gall to suggest this to Americans. Rice also declared, "The Israelis [are] going to have to recognize that there [is] going to have to be contiguous land for the Palestinian state to exist on." That sounds nice until you realize it means that Israel must grant them a corridor that splits Israel into two parts. The perpetrators of the phony peace process want to be sure that new weapons arriving in Gaza will be able to make their way unimpeded into West Bank towns.
Rice announced another General officer to serve as security coordinator: Lt. Gen. William E. (Kip) Ward, presently serving as deputy commander of US Ground Forces in Europe. Ward, a black American, has served in all the globalist hot spots of US intervention: Somalia, Bosnia, Egypt – and this is looking to be more of the same. What this means is that the US is sending in a military liaison to coordinate US training of Palestinians, just like the CIA under Tenet trained Palestinian policemen in explosives and other useful-for-terror tactics.

I'll be trying to track down more information to support or discredit this amazing homage to appeasement (a philosophy which has worked just oh-so-well in the past...)

And we embed journalists WHY?
Photographer Chris Hondros reports on a US patrol killing two parents and orphaning six children in a vehicle approaching their position. He laments, "this is the sort of thing that happens in war." Not as a "shit happens" kind of thing, but as yet another example of how the terror of war is to be avoided at all costs. And oh, by the way, if you listen to the audio, apparently we were there "forcing people to have elections." Yep, we lined 'em up and forced them to brave bombs, mortars and snipers to vote. And then we put a gun to their head and made them dance in the streets for joy. What a putz.